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Aloha College Admissions Policy

Aloha College offers a UK-style education which broadly follows the English
National Curriculum from Nursery to Year 9. It offers the IGCSE programme in
Years 10 and 11. In the sixth form students can choose from either the A-level
or the International Baccalaureate Diploma programmes.

The school caters for students who have the following attributes:

  •  An age-appropriate fluency in English (speaking, reading, writing and
  • A positive attitude to learning
  • The ability to thrive in a high-achieving environment
  • Individual learning needs which can be largely met within the
    mainstream classroom and without significant additional adult support
  • Strong parental support

Aloha College Admissions Procedure

Information on the school is provided to the enquirer in writing, by the

Enquirers who visit will be provided with the school brochure and current
yearbook, plus IGCSE and IB/A-level brochures if relevant. A tour is not
provided at this point.

After their initial enquiry, if parents feel they would like to continue with the
application procedure, they are required to provide the school with a copy of
the child's most recent school report and a copy of the child’s passport and their

Applying to Primary School


In Primary, a report should be provided if the child has been attending school
or Nursery. Foundation Stage children (aged 3 and 4) are not required to have
any knowledge of English. A pre-requisite is that they be toilet-trained.
Applicants for Key Stage 1 (aged 5 and 6) need to be able to express their basic
needs in English, and to show therefore evidence of English learning if they do
not have English as a First Language. Applicants for Key Stage 2 (aged 7 to 10)
will need to show evidence of their level of English. All children who apply must
be able to move around the school independently.

Once a satisfactory report has been provided parents are invited to visit the
school facilities. This visit can take the form of:

a) a tour (with or without prospective pupils). Tours of the school are normally
carried out by Aloha College pupils

b) for applicants to Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, an interview with the
Head of Key Stage or Head Teacher

c) for applicants to Key Stage 2, a written/online assessment followed the next
day (if possible) by an interview with the Head Teacher, depending on test results

d) following the above, a morning spent in school with his/her year group, if
deemed necessary by the Head Teacher in order to complement the information she already has on the candidate.

Before being offered a place, the parents of some children may have to agree to

conditions for enrolment i.e. spend some time at the Aloha College Summer
School, join the YLE or another English/Maths reinforcement activity once a
week after school, or receive private tuition once a week with a member of staff
chosen by the Head Teacher, until the child in question can access the

All pupils moving from local schools will require a verbal reference from their
Head of School. The information provided is confidential.



Pupils whose placement is in accordance with the Spanish system (i.e although

born between September and December they are in the same year group as
those born in January-August of the same year) may be advised that if they are
not accessing the curriculum successfully at the end of the Key Stage, they will
have to reinforce their learning by repeating the year.

Other students whose report and interview are satisfactory (and assessment in
the case of Years 3 to 6) are offered a place (guaranteed or on the waiting list)
at interview by the Head Teacher.

If an applicant has siblings at the school or is the child of a former pupil, these
aspects will be taken into account.

Applying to Secondary School


Applicants to Secondary School must present the most recent school report,
and, if the candidate does not attend an English-curriculum school, evidence of
his/her level of English within the Cambridge system or CEFR (Common
European Framework). If the report is unsatisfactory the family will be told that
the quality of the report is not good enough to move onto the next stage of the
procedure, but that the school would be happy to see the pupil's next report if
the standard had improved.

A report is judged unsatisfactory if there is evidence of repeated lack of
concentration in class/distraction of other pupils/poor discipline. Also if there is
evidence of poor academic achievement in the core subjects (lower than "C" or
equivalent in English, Maths and Science).
a) a tour (with or without prospective pupils). Tours of the school are normally
carried out by Aloha College pupils

b) a written test for entry into Secondary School (Years 7 to 12), followed by
interview with the Secondary School Head Teacher (Years 7 to 11, after
successful test) or with the Heads of Sixth Form (Year 12, after successful
test). The interview takes place 3 or more days after the test as these have
to be marked by the Heads of Department and reviewed by the Head of Key

In Secondary School all children must take a test in English and Maths. In Key
Stage 3 (aged 11 to 13) students will also be tested in Science. In KS4 they
may be tested in Science or Spanish. In KS5 they may be tested in one of their
chosen options.

The tests are marked by the respective Heads of Department, the English and
Maths results being crucial to the offering or not of a place, while the additional
exams serve to place the applicant in the appropriate ability group once in
school. (Tests are internal documents and although the results are shared the
tests themselves will not be given out to parents).

Based on the results of these tests, the interview and the child's latest school
report, the Head Teacher will decide whether or not to offer the place. The
prospective pupil needs to demonstrate in the test that their capability is such
that they can fit into one of the academic groups currently in school. In some
cases commitment to extra support such as Summer School, after-school
activities and private tuition may be required from the parents. The year group
the place is offered in may be determined by academic achievement as well as
date of birth.

Places offered to Year 12 applicants after testing and interview are conditional
on their achieving a minimum of 6 A* to C IGCSE grades or equivalent in their
end-of-year exams. Minimum grades may also be required in their chosen
subjects – these will be clearly laid down at interview.

All pupils moving from local schools will require a verbal reference from their
Head of School. The information provided is confidential.

If an applicant has siblings at the school or is the child of a former pupil, these
aspects will be taken into account

Whole School

A strong home-school partnership is essential for pupils’ progress so parental
support is highly valued and figures as an important criterion for admission.

Aloha College is not required to give written or verbal feedback to any pupil or
family if a place is not offered.

Once a place has been offered, parents are informed about the enrolment
procedure (enrolment form, documentation and reservation payment) and given
a certain period to carry it out. Documentation required is: passport of the child
and parents/legal guardians, child’s original birth certificate, up-to-date
vaccination record, completed dietary/allergy sheet, and photo. If a person
other than the parents is authorised to collect the pupil, parents must provide
the school with a copy of their ID.

When considering applications, the importance of maintaining a balance of
nationalities in the school is taken into account.

Visits, tests and interviews take place all year round during term-time. Some
visits may also be arranged during the Christmas and Easter holidays. Testing
and interviews also take place during the first week of July and the last week of
August, although visits only are not possible at this time.

occasionally as pupils progress through one year group, it may become
apparent that Aloha College is not able to provide the most appropriate
educational setting, that is in the best interests of the pupil. In this event
parents will be thoroughly consulted and supported in identifying a more
suitable education provider.

All successful applicants will meet the Principal prior to joining the school.

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