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ACBC- Teachers vs. Students

Last Friday, 12 May, the first basketball game of teachers against students was played. The team of the students was formed by the senior team and some players from Infantil team.

The score was evenly-matched all the time. All rebounds were fought and there were no easy points. It is necessary to emphasize to the MVP of the match: Victor Ranea. Victor dominated the rebound both offensive and defensive and was also the top scorer. From the students’ team, the most outstanding ones were Jin Liu, Xi Zhuang Wen and Luis Carmona Ripoll.

At the end of the match the two teams got together and shouted the name of Aloha College.

From ACBC we hope to live this experience again. We also must thank Jere Johansson for his collaboration, making the match more enjoyable with music.

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