Activities programme

Daily After-School Activities Programme

Students from Year 1 upwards enjoy a daily activity programme from 16:00 to 17 or 18:00, mainly at no extra cost for parents

These are a mixture of academic activities to give pupils extra support in many of their subjects, especially in the run-up to exam time. There are also creative activities (School Production, Film-making, Journalism) and of course plenty of sport and dance.  Supervised homework clubs run every night from 16:00 – 17:00, in both Primary and Secondary.

Curriculum Enrichment Programmes

Primary School Activities


All pupils from Foundation Stage 2 to Y6, with their parents’ consent, may enjoy a wide programme of activities:

·         At lunchtime
·         From 16.00 to 17.00
·         From 17.00 to 18.00 or even 18.00 to 19.00

Most involve no cost for parents, although those provided by monitors from outside school will have a symbolic cost (programmes available at the school reception).

The programme will continue throughout the school year, with some changes being made each term to accommodate pupils’ needs.

Aim of the activities

Children’s learning takes place not just in the classroom during the normal school day. The opportunity to try a new sport or activity can be very positive, enabling pupils to discover new talents which further their personal development and self-esteem.

One of our main aims is to offer a wide variety of opportunities to our pupils, both during the day and after school. Our enrichment programme offers this variety, and the quality of choice meets the high standards of our school.

Below you can find a overview of our activities programme:

·         Academic activities: These activities give the children extra support in their academic subjects and an opportunity to learn new languages. They can enjoy such activities as English, Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese ….

·         Creative Activities: We help our children tap their creative potential so they can apply this creativity to their future experience. They can join clubs like Art, Recycling, Fisher Tips, Design and Technology, and Fun Cooking.

·         Sports Activities: Sport is of course part of the normal curriculum but we complement these timetabled lessons with extra opportunities to enjoy football, basketball, athletics, handball, cross-country, gymnastics, taekwondo ….

·         Musical and Dance Activities: We are delighted to offer classes where pupils can learn to play an instrument or improve their coordination skills and fitness through dancing. They can join these activities during lunch or after school. Piano, Guitar, Percussion, Jazz Dance, Ballet are some of the possibilities.

Information on the activities is sent to parents at the beginning of each term.
We hope that all our children come across those activities that will inspire them to develop their talent to the maximum.
For any further information or help, please contact Diego García
(Primary School)


Secondary School Activities






Homework Club




 Interschool Sports


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